Please read through our partnership FAQs to learn more about our membership opportunities. We are a unique Racing partnership within the sport of thoroughbred racing.

We offer ownership in only one partnership Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC and do not offer micro-shares, or even shares of an individual horse that you can buy into.

This partnership is a partnership for individuals of high net worth that have a passion for winning races at the highest level of horse racing. Partners will buy units in Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC. The partnership has chosen to raise Between $3 and $5 million and will close out on July 1, 2022.

Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC contains horses owned 100% by Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC, as well as a percentage of multiple other horses.

These horses are selected by Mark A. Cornett the managing partner and also is 20% owner of Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC

The main goal of the partnership is to win Graded Stakes races and to increase the asset value of the horses purchased. The focus of the partnership will be to buy horses that are currently running that the managing partner Mark A. Cornett has identified as a prospect for the partnership. These horses will primarily be bought to be put on the path to the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks.

This partnership is anticipated to close on July 1, 2022

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you join us at the next race!

Once you reach out to us, we’ll meet with you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. We will finalize contractual agreements and gather a financial commitment from you anytime before July 1, 2022.

You will then receive all of the corporate documents needed to become an owner in Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC for your review and execution.

Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC intends to keep membership units available to no more than twenty. This way we will have a small group that we can consistently communicate with and will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded owners. You will be required to be licensed in all racing jurisdictions as needed.

1.) The majority of our horses will be bought privately after they have run.

2.) We will be managing the partnership as a business to make a profit.

3.) The managing partner also has an actual ownership position in the Partnership.

4.) Horses will be managed and sold at the correct time.

5.) We do not mark up any horse purchase price to the partnership. The actual cost of the horse is what the partnership pays.

6.) The managing partner and owner Mark A. Cornett only makes a profit when the partners make a profit.

Unlike other partnerships, our managing partner and owner Mark A. Cornett puts his  own money into the partnership. He takes on the same level of risks and rewards as the partners. 

Mark A Cornett the managing partner has been associated with identifying, owning and negotiating the private purchases of two eclipse award champions as well as current Florida Derby (G1) winner White Abarrio.

Below is a list of our accomplishments:

  • 2 Eclipse Award winners
  • 1 Kentucky Oaks winner
  • 1 Breeders Cup winner
  • 1 Florida Derby Winner
  • 15 Grade 1 Stakes Wins
  • 44 Graded Stakes Wins
  • 90 Graded Stakes Placings
  • 119 Stakes Wins
  • 1069 Wins

The trainer will always depend on the reason we are purchasing the horse. Trainers have strengths and weaknesses and are based in different parts of the Country.

Below is a list of trainers we are currently using, have used in the past or plan on using in the future.

Phil D’Amato
John Sadler

Brad Cox
Chris Hartman
Steve Asmussen
Wayne Catalano

Chad Brown
Todd Pletcher
Saffie Joseph Jr.

This is difficult to say as we only buy horses that we see hidden talent in and that we can purchase for what we feel is the correct price. We do not own horses just to race horses. We have a specific business plan and vison for each horse before we purchase them.

It is anticipated however that Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC would own between 12 – 25 horses within twelve months of formation. This could also include owning a percentage of a horse. It just depends if we can find the right horse for the partnership.

To get further details on how to be a part of our Turf Express Racing Partners, LLC team just call or email.

For more information please contact us.